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Located in the beautiful Heber Valley in Northern Utah, east of Park City, Pharmaceutical Alternatives' mission reflects the values of its surrounding environment. Our goal is to provide safe, effective supplemental health products to people who are looking for real results instead of over-hyped claims and underperforming results.

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About Pharmaceutical Alternatives
Pharmaceutical Alternatives, Inc. produces and distributes sports and fitness supplements that work as hard as the people who use them. We feel that being fit isn't just about looking good, its about conditioning your mind and body to perform at its peak level, resulting in a healthy, longer and more enjoyable life. We believe that our products help people achieve maximum results faster, giving them the encouragement they need to continue improving their quest for excellence in health and wellness.
About Your Health
Nothing in life is more important than your health, and nothing is more important to your health than effective, regular exercise. Pharmaceutical Alternatives strives to help you in your lifelong pursuit of excellence in strength and conditiong through providing safe and effective supplements that enable your body to work harder and recover faster. Pharmaceutical Alternatives offers scientifically formuilated products developed in cutting edge labs with strict attention to purity and effectiveness to ensure that you experience optimal results. Learn about our full line of sports nutrition products by selecting the products link in the menu on the left.
The Pharmaceutical Guarantee
When you choose Pharmaceutical Alternatives, you get safe, effective, scientifically-formulated products that have been engineered with the highest quality efficacious ingredients. At Pharmaceutical Alternatives we are committed to providing only the best in sports supplements and nutrition.
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